KGF Investor Summit 2024

01 — An annual event starts to morph

The 2024 KGF Summit is leaving its traditional venues of California beach towns or Colorado mountains for colorful San Antonio, Texas. A three-day, two-night conference-style gathering of fund investors and grantees, this year's meeting will feature a paired-down program, playful and restful activities for families, and unique Texas flair found in the smallest of details.

02 — Creative process

My goal is to push the needle toward deeper intimacy between guests compared to the 2023 Summit. By tweaking the schedule and rethinking how guests interact, I'm prioritizing the kind of connection that results in real kinship between attendees.

Registration & Room Block Automation

The event's hotel block has been automated within the registration process using Cvent's highly detailed request system. Confirmations are emailed within seconds and contain only information specifically tailored to each guest's unique experience.

Outsized Hospitality

From the way name badges are distributed to the seemingly trivial transitionary periods between sessions, I'm viewing every moment as an opportunity to care for each guest in memorable ways.

"Dream Weavers"

Taking inspiration from Will Guidara's "Unreasonable Hospitality", my team is researching each guest's likes, dislikes, special dates, and more. I'll use the details we find to spread a little joy when they least expect it.

A deep homage to the Texas hill country

I believe in the power of "place" - otherwise, a windowless ballroom anywhere would suffice! I'm giving the event a Texas flair in our communication design (see below) and our activities and gifts offered, like custom chain stitched bandanas, cigar rolling, and Texas BBQ cooked under the stars.

The registration site has transitioned to Cvent, which offers the most hospitable and intuitive RSVP process on the market.

Each guest's situation is considered thoughtfully throughout the registration process, with answers to specific questions triggering a tailored set of prompts that wastes no time and provides each registrant exactly what they need.

creative concepting by Rylie Swain at
creative concepting by Rylie Swain at
creative concepting by Rylie Swain at